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Local adaptation of Nothofagus pumilio along the latitudinal gradient of the Andes (2018 – 2023)


NothofagusIn this collaborative project, we investigate the local adaptation of Nothofagus pumilio along extreme latitudinal, elevational, and precipitation gradients. We have collected genetic and dendrophenotypic data along the latitudinal gradient of the Andes, and investigated gene flow in one intensive study sites. For the exome capture design, we used a transcriptome we assembled based on RNAseq data from a preliminary study with seedlings grown under different temperatures and day length conditions. Here, we determine whether genes involved in the regulation of circadian clock are differentially expressed in N. pumilio seedlings grown under different temperature regimes.

The collaboration with the team from INTA Bariloche was funded by the DAAD and Trees4future and is currently funded by the DFG (HE 7345/6-1). Check out the project website.


Sekely J, Marchelli P, Arana V, Dauphin B, Mattera MG, Pastorino M, Scotti I, Soliani C, Heer K, Opgenoorth L (2024) Genomic Responses to Climate: Understanding local adaptation in the Andean tree species Nothofagus pumilio and implications for a changing world. Accepted in Plants People Planet.

Estravis-Barcala M, Heer K, Marchelli P, Ziegenhagen B, Arana MV, Bellora N. (2021) Deciphering the transcriptomic regulation of heat stress responses in Nothofagus pumilio. PLoS ONE 16(3): e0246615.

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