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 Causes and consequences of epigenetic diversity in trees (2022 – 2025)


epiSOMATrees are emerging as powerful ‘model systems’ to investigate epimutational processes in plants. Given their exceptional longevity, trees act as natural (epi)mutation accumulation systems and permit unprecedented insights into the dynamics, mitotic stability, and functional impact of spontaneous epimutations over time-frames that have been inaccessible to previous prospective studies. Focusing on European beech (Fagus sylvatica) as a model, we will combine unique experimental tree resources, proximate-sensing technology, multi-omic assays, and novel analytical tools to quantify how somatic epimutations alongside micro-environmental factors shape epigenetic and functional diversity within the 3D-topology of a tree, and how this intra-tree variation affects seeds and seedling performance in the next generation.

The BMBF funded project is coordinated by Frank Johannes (TUM), and in collaboration with Lars Opgenoorth (Universität Marburg) and Hans Pretzsch (TUM).